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Rift Rogue Guide - How To Level Up Fast And Master Your Class

Here's a short and simple RIFT Rogue guide that will help you learn some more about the new MMORPG RIFT. They have a ton of new classes in this game, as well as some old ones, and I'm hoping to give you a nice and easy introduction into the new Rogue system. Let's get into it below to find out what you can expect from this age-old class.

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How are the Rogues in RIFT?

Rogues are pretty good in RIFT because you can do a multitude of different things. Normally when you choose a rogue class you are somewhat pigeon holed into doing a very particular set of things, such as doing damage or remaining as a stealthy addition to your team. In this game, however, the Rogues are completely versatile that can use a multitude of ways in attacking and defending against objectives and/or helping the raid.

Leveling as a Rogue

Rogues are probably the fastest levelers in the game because of their killing speed, survivability, and dynamic methods of attacking. You can generally expect to power level when you choose the Rogue class, but you also need somewhat of prior knowledge in order to know where the quest objectives are and/or where you should go to complete each one. It also helps you if you know which quests to skip in advance, but this normally comes with experience.

Here's the best RIFT Rogue guide that helps you to level up, step-by-step

If you want some step-by-step help in leveling up, then this RIFT Rogue guide is for you. Visit their download page and check it out.

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Rift Rogue Guide - How To Power Level With Your Rogue In Rift

Do you want to learn how you can power level your Rogue to level 50 quickly in Rift? Well, if you want to learn how to reach the level cap the fastest way possible, here are a couple of things you will need to know.

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Power Level By Partying With Well Balanced Group

This may not seem important, but having a good party is essential if you want to gain lots of experience points quickly. A good party should consist of a tank, healer and a DPS character. If you happen to find yourself in one of these parties, I recommend that you add them as friends so that you can form the same party more than once.

Power Level By Grinding In Hot Spots With Your Party

Now that you found yourself a good party, the next step is to go and find a good spawn to grind. A good spawn should have higher level monsters than your character, as well as a good spawn rate for creeps. There are many of these spots throughout the game, however they tend to be different with every level your character gains.

Learn Exactly How To Level Up The Quickest Way Possible With Xerxes Guide

Learning exactly how to create a perfect leveling path to power level your Rogue can be quite difficult if you don't have a step-by-step guide to help you. If you really want to learn how to reach level 50 the quickest way possible with your Rogue, it is highly recommended to use Xerxes Guide.

This guide is created from the top strategies of elite closed beta players of Rift. By reading this guide, you will learn exactly the best places to farm with each level and how to do optimized questing.

You will learn all of this through step-by-step instructions and detailed maps and screenshots of exactly what to do.

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Rift Rogue Build Guide - Perfect Rogue Builds For Solo Or Group Play

Are you playing as a Rogue in Rift and want to learn how to properly combines your souls to create the perfect build for any situation?

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Well, there are a total of eight different souls for the Rogue and you can always equip three souls at one time. Depending on your combination of souls, you can change the build of your character enabling you to tackle any situation.

Assassin Soul - This soul has the ability to walk in the shadows, which allow you to stealthy navigate your way through mobs without being detected. The Assassin soul is ideal for solo questing or leveling because you can pick off opponents one at a time.

Bard Soul - The Bard soul has the ability to cast buffs, heal parties and reduce the damage given by your enemy. If you want to play a supporting role in your party, equipping the Bard soul is a good idea.

Blade Dancer Soul - This soul is known for their burst damage. Blade Dancer's can inflict a lot of damage in a short period of time. However, the skills to inflict burst damage have a long cold time.

Marksman Soul - This soul can deal the most damage among the Rogue classes. They specialize in ranged DPS and hit-run skills. This is an ideal PVP soul to use.

Ranger Soul - The Ranger soul allows you to summon a pet that can help inflict a lot of DPS on your enemies. Not only can they summon pets, Ranger's can also increase damage, critical strike, doge and hit points temporarily.

Riftstalker Soul - The Riftstalker is the tanking soul for the Rogues. This tanking soul is not as powerful as the Warrior's tanking abilities, however it is better than the Justicar soul of the Cleric class.

Saboteur Soul - The Saboteur soul is perfect if you want to CC targets. This soul is also very good if you want to PVP, however it is not ideal if you want to PVE or solo.

Now that you have a basic understand of what each soul does, we can further discuss the best combination of souls to help you tackle solo or group play.

If you want to solo, it is recommended to use the Blade Dancer soul as the main soul. Then select the Bard and Ranger as the combinations. The reason for this is because this combination allows you to inflict a lot of damage, while giving you the ability to tank. By using the Bard and Ranger souls, you will also be able to continually cast healing spells and summon a pet to fight with you.

When you don't want to solo and want to party up with a couple other people, you will want to choose either the tank or DPS route. To become a tank, use Riftstalker as your main soul and choose the Assassin and Blade Dancer as the off-souls. These off-souls are vital because the Assassin lets you poison your enemies, while Blade Dancer increases your chance of dodge.

If you want to opt for the DPS route, choose the Blade Dancer as your main soul and use the Bard and Assassin as your off souls. The Bard soul can continuously buff your character to allow you to inflict more damage to your enemies.

Knowing exactly what build to use in different scenarios separates the novice Rift players from the pros. So how do you know which combination is the best to use in different situations?

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Rift Rogue Builds Guide

The Rift Rogue Builds Guide features several soul combinations that you can use in the game. In Rift you choose up to three souls that will be the base of your character's abilities. In case you didn't know, one soul will be the main class while the two remaining souls are the sub-classes. The sub-souls are chosen for their starter abilities.

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This Rift Rogue Builds Guide will discuss the soul combinations that you should use depending on your gameplay. The Rogue is mainly a DPS class but you can use the Riftstalker soul to be a tank. There are Rogue builds for melee and ranged DPS.

The ranged Rogue souls are Ranger and Marksman. For the melee Rogue souls you have Saboteur, Night Blade, Assassin, and Blade Dancer. The Bard soul is a support soul that can heal and apply buffs. The downside is that the Bard can't be the main healer of a group.

Rift Rogue Builds guide for solo game play states that you should use the Blade Dancer as the main soul. For off-souls select Bard and Ranger. This combination gives you a lot of survivability and damage. The Ranger soul lets you summon a pet. Bard soul lets you cast a 30 second heal over time spell. Solo grinding will be a lot easier as long as you refresh this every 30 seconds of combat.

Rift Rogue Build for group play lets you be the tank of the group or one of the DPS. If you want to be the tank, then use the Riftstalker soul as the main one. For off-souls, pick Assassin for the poison buff and Blade Dancer for the dodge buff. If you have extra points, place them into Blade Dancer to have added dodge.

Rift Rogue Builds guide for DPS in a group can use the build for solo play. Go for the Blade Dancer as the main soul but instead of the Bard soul as one of the off-souls, take Assassin. You can still use the Bard soul if you want to do some group healing on the side. The difference between the solo and group is that in group play you want to have more DPS oriented talents instead of placing the points on damage reduction.

Another possible main soul for group play is the Assassin. It gives you enough DPS if you don't want to be a Blade Dancer. These are just some of the Rift Rogue Builds you can use as one of the DPS the group.

One of the builds you can use while in a group is being the off-healer. For this build you need to choose Bard as your main soul. Get all the talents that can help with healing and buffing. Take the Ranger and Saboteur as off-souls for this build. This build is not good enough to be the main healer of the group and is one of the trash builds.

These are the different Rift Rogue Builds that can help you play your Rogue better. If you need more information about the topic, then go to this site.

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Rift Rogue Builds Guide

Rogues within Rift are more complex compared to almost every other rogue classes found in various other MMOs due to the one of a kind soul tree system exclusive to Rift. This makes knowing every aspect regarding how the rogue class performs an highly vital element if you want to succeed in Telara.

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Rogues on Rift nevertheless keep the old sneaky, great damage approach as they accomplish in most other MMOs attacking from the shadows, using short, extremely strong bursts of damage to rapidly down opponents, and also dodging attacks using excellent agility and swiftness.

When the class rogue is mentioned most people assume close quarter combat, leather armor, and sneaking about within the shadows watching for the best minute to strike. Although this is still accurate for the class in Rift, the latest Mmorpg delivers several new features with the table. Ranger along with Marksman subtypes provide ranged physical damage with bows, guns, and pets like the Hunter class in World of Warcraft. Rift Rangers can also follow the route of the Bard, a subtype which can buff as well as heal party members. Saboteurs can hurl bombs to deal massive area of attack damage and crowd control to mobs and other players. Riftstalkers gain power through the planes around them giving the rogue the opportunity to tank. Overall, the large amount of possibilities available make the rift rogue an extremely flexible and fun class to try out.

So, just how does the class work? What exactly are souls? And how can one chose the rogue class that's suitable for me?

Soul System

Rift incorporates a unique soul system; each soul has its own group of attributes and associated play style. An example of a soul may be the previously mentioned "assassin" which specializes in lurking about in the shadows. You may have a max of 3 souls active at one time. Using a mixture of souls allows you to tailor your rogue to precisely the kind of play style you like. You'll be able to learn all the souls one after another and hot swap that are active if you like, giving great flexibility. For example you can switch from DPS to some Tank role within seconds, just make sure you will find the right gear to aid it!

How do I gain new souls?

You might gain new souls by either paying gold to buy and learn them from a rogue class trainer, or you can also receive them from certain quest rewards through the game.

What is a talent tree?

Talent trees are what come after picking your soul. Talent trees are formed after selecting a combination of soul talents, leaving your soul branching to the talents you want. After you have configured each talent tree for each of your active souls, you're playing what is called a "build".

Do you know the best rogue talent trees?

This depends entirely on the play style you intend to achieve. Be it PVP, PVE, having the ability to deal damage from close quarter melee or from a distance, healing and supporting your allies, dodging blows as well as holding aggro and tanking mobs. There are lots of resources online and guides to choose the best talent tree for you personally
What's the best rift rogue build?

This is a hot topic at the moment because of the high flexibility from the rift rogue class. It is first vital to identify the kind of play style you enjoy, and then select the right group of 3 souls to maximise its effectiveness. If you choose to sneak with the shadows awaiting the right moment to strike, then ambush your target dealing huge damage on the short period of time with precise melee attacks, then pick the three souls which associate to this; Assassin for the stealth and high burst damage capabilities and Riftstalker for the high defensive abilities. There are lots of more recommended builds you can find online.

What is the best rift rogue build for PVE?

For taking out mobs, this depends on how you'd like to do it. If you want to deal damage from the distance and slow your targets movement providing you with the opportunity to run around your opponent dealing massive levels of damage on the go, then marksman and also a few points in ranger and assassin may be the build for you personally. Should you prefer close up and personal styles focusing on melee damage then Blade Dancer along with Riftstalker and Assassin are a good choice.

What is the best rift rogue build for PVP?

The very best rogue builds for player vs. player combat would need to be Assassin combined with Riftstalker as stated before. This class has excellent burst damage and stealth along with excellent defensive capabilities from the Riftstalker soul.

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RIFT Planes of Telara: The Rogue Guide

What do I need to prepare and rig out my rogue character with? Should I equip it with bows or daggers, firearms, and perhaps swords? How about if I go solo? Which sub-class should fit best for my Rogue? Nightblade, Blade Dancer, Ranger or Assassin? What then is the quickest way to reach level cap? All of these questions and more will be answered here in this RIFT Rogue Guide. Get a copy of this reference as this will direct you throughout the world of Telara with first-rate tips, strategies, and the best gaming secrets. Max-out your Rogue and Rock Telara's world by using this Rogue flair. Make good use of it and possess top-rated equipments money can only buy and give Telara a good knack!

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What to expect in this RIFT Rogue Guide?
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Strategies for Gold-Making - Gears and items, especially the most coveted soul can be bought through gold and silvers and to acquire these you should journey with money-making strategies. Amass gold quickly with these proven techniques shared in this hint book. You'll never have to worry about money again! Money will come to you accordingly and easily!

Get advance with Combat strategies - Be skilled playing solo or stand out in group combats. Get an on-hand battleground strategies and impressive tactics exclusively compiled for rogue class. Find out what soul fits your playstyle and use combinations of abilities that crowns your rogues performance.

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Rift Rogue Gameplay

In this Rift Rogue overview, I will be revealing the mechanics behind the Rogue class as well as the overall playstyle you can expect when playing a Rogue.

By the end of this article, you should have a good idea of how the Rogue calling works and if it is one you want to play in Rift.

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The Rogue’s Role in Rift

Rogues have 8 different main souls to play with, each one with different talents and abilities:

•Assassin – melee DPS
•Bard – hybrid; deals damage, heals and buffs
•Blade Dancer – melee DPS with damage mitigation talents
•Marksman – ranged DPS and kiting specialist
•Nightblade – melee DPS which deals magic (fire) damage
•Ranger – ranged DPS with pets
•Riftstalker – tanking off-spec
•Saboteur – uses bombs as weapons; support/PvP class
As you can see, Rogues have a variety of roles they can fill. Most Rogues are geared for damage-dealing but you can also be a support class (Bard is one of the best souls in game) and even tank!

Note that currently PvP souls are still under development and I am sure more will be added with time, so that is something to keep in mind as well.


The Rogue is powered by two things: energy and combo points. This works exactly like it does for Rogues in World of Warcraft

If you are not familiar, Rogues start with a full energy bar (of 100 total energy points) which regenerates at a rate of 10 energy per second. The majority of Rogue abilities are powered by energy.

Each time you use an ability, you earn 1 or 2 combo points. Combo points can then be used to execute powerful “finishers”, which increase in power the more combo points you have. You can hold up to 5 combo points on a single target.

Combo points will hold on a target if you change targets, but they will not transfer targets. In other words you can not built up a full set of combo points on one target and then tab to another target to use your finisher (unless you have that talent).


The great thing about Rift is that every calling is good at some (or multiple) things. The Rogue is no exception; Rift Rogue gameplay can very quite differently on a soul-by-soul basis.

With that said, the two things that stand out about the Rogue are its ranged DPS, support, and soloing capabilities. The Marksman soul deals some amazing DPS (from ranged no less). The Bard just might be the best support class in game (perhaps second to the Chloromancer); it deals great damage and has group heals and buffs.

However, these classes shine when combined; the Bard can generate combo points quickly and heal the group with Cadence and then spend the combo points on a Marksmen finisher. This deals great DPS yet still provides solid group healing – excellent for group and solo play.


From what I have seen at early levels, I think the primary weakness of this class is actually when it comes to raw melee DPS. The melee Rogue abilities are all support-related and none are for 100% raw damage. This makes Paragon (Warrior) the #1 melee damage class.

The support abilities of the Rogue make it a much more viable in PvP as a melee class rather than PvE.

Rogue Overview Conclusion

If you want to deal great ranged damage, have excellent support capabilities, and have the option to tank, then the Rogue would be a great choice to pick!

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