Thursday, June 23, 2011

RIFT Planes of Telara: The Rogue Guide

What do I need to prepare and rig out my rogue character with? Should I equip it with bows or daggers, firearms, and perhaps swords? How about if I go solo? Which sub-class should fit best for my Rogue? Nightblade, Blade Dancer, Ranger or Assassin? What then is the quickest way to reach level cap? All of these questions and more will be answered here in this RIFT Rogue Guide. Get a copy of this reference as this will direct you throughout the world of Telara with first-rate tips, strategies, and the best gaming secrets. Max-out your Rogue and Rock Telara's world by using this Rogue flair. Make good use of it and possess top-rated equipments money can only buy and give Telara a good knack!

Get to Level 50 the Fastest with this Rift Supremacy Leveling Guide!

What to expect in this RIFT Rogue Guide?
• Best PvP Tactics and Strategies Exclusively Compiled for Rogues
• Comprehensive Analysis of Rogue Soul and their Abilities
• Untold Speed Leveling Strategies
• Thorough equipment reference
• Acquire Heaping Gold, Learn the Strategies
• Accelerate Your Rogue with this Exclusive Combat Strategies

First-rated PvP Tactics Exclusively for Rogue Class - Rogues are best known for their potential to secretly deal with serious damages and silently vanish into the dark shadows. With combat strategies and adept tactics exposed in this guidebook, your Rogue will stand out in PvP combats! Advance PvP players will find a great game plan that exhibits how to fight against strong forces from other classes and smartly lays out their weakest points to increase the odds of winning.
Only-Rogue Souls and their Abilities - This complete reference for Rogue's souls and abilities comes with advices, tips and strategies from a game expert for a perfect Rogue set-up that suits your play style and have your Rogue character perform at its best.

Best Spots for Rogue Leveling - If leveling gets the better of you, this Rogue manual will reveal to you the crest of leveling strategies and best leveling spots around the world of Telara. This compilation also shows the list of quests with highest rewards for experience. Boosts your rogue character as this manual also shares leveling techniques while playing with parties.

Full Equipment Reference with Recommendations - Expert in ranged combat and melee, equipped your rogues with high-powered equipments and get tips and expert recommendations from veterans and excel while playing solo or joining in parties. Gear your rogues with the best possible equipments with this one-stop RIFT Rogue book.

Strategies for Gold-Making - Gears and items, especially the most coveted soul can be bought through gold and silvers and to acquire these you should journey with money-making strategies. Amass gold quickly with these proven techniques shared in this hint book. You'll never have to worry about money again! Money will come to you accordingly and easily!

Get advance with Combat strategies - Be skilled playing solo or stand out in group combats. Get an on-hand battleground strategies and impressive tactics exclusively compiled for rogue class. Find out what soul fits your playstyle and use combinations of abilities that crowns your rogues performance.

Get to Level 50 the Fastest with this Rift Supremacy Leveling Guide!

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