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Rift Rogue Builds Guide

Rogues within Rift are more complex compared to almost every other rogue classes found in various other MMOs due to the one of a kind soul tree system exclusive to Rift. This makes knowing every aspect regarding how the rogue class performs an highly vital element if you want to succeed in Telara.

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Rogues on Rift nevertheless keep the old sneaky, great damage approach as they accomplish in most other MMOs attacking from the shadows, using short, extremely strong bursts of damage to rapidly down opponents, and also dodging attacks using excellent agility and swiftness.

When the class rogue is mentioned most people assume close quarter combat, leather armor, and sneaking about within the shadows watching for the best minute to strike. Although this is still accurate for the class in Rift, the latest Mmorpg delivers several new features with the table. Ranger along with Marksman subtypes provide ranged physical damage with bows, guns, and pets like the Hunter class in World of Warcraft. Rift Rangers can also follow the route of the Bard, a subtype which can buff as well as heal party members. Saboteurs can hurl bombs to deal massive area of attack damage and crowd control to mobs and other players. Riftstalkers gain power through the planes around them giving the rogue the opportunity to tank. Overall, the large amount of possibilities available make the rift rogue an extremely flexible and fun class to try out.

So, just how does the class work? What exactly are souls? And how can one chose the rogue class that's suitable for me?

Soul System

Rift incorporates a unique soul system; each soul has its own group of attributes and associated play style. An example of a soul may be the previously mentioned "assassin" which specializes in lurking about in the shadows. You may have a max of 3 souls active at one time. Using a mixture of souls allows you to tailor your rogue to precisely the kind of play style you like. You'll be able to learn all the souls one after another and hot swap that are active if you like, giving great flexibility. For example you can switch from DPS to some Tank role within seconds, just make sure you will find the right gear to aid it!

How do I gain new souls?

You might gain new souls by either paying gold to buy and learn them from a rogue class trainer, or you can also receive them from certain quest rewards through the game.

What is a talent tree?

Talent trees are what come after picking your soul. Talent trees are formed after selecting a combination of soul talents, leaving your soul branching to the talents you want. After you have configured each talent tree for each of your active souls, you're playing what is called a "build".

Do you know the best rogue talent trees?

This depends entirely on the play style you intend to achieve. Be it PVP, PVE, having the ability to deal damage from close quarter melee or from a distance, healing and supporting your allies, dodging blows as well as holding aggro and tanking mobs. There are lots of resources online and guides to choose the best talent tree for you personally
What's the best rift rogue build?

This is a hot topic at the moment because of the high flexibility from the rift rogue class. It is first vital to identify the kind of play style you enjoy, and then select the right group of 3 souls to maximise its effectiveness. If you choose to sneak with the shadows awaiting the right moment to strike, then ambush your target dealing huge damage on the short period of time with precise melee attacks, then pick the three souls which associate to this; Assassin for the stealth and high burst damage capabilities and Riftstalker for the high defensive abilities. There are lots of more recommended builds you can find online.

What is the best rift rogue build for PVE?

For taking out mobs, this depends on how you'd like to do it. If you want to deal damage from the distance and slow your targets movement providing you with the opportunity to run around your opponent dealing massive levels of damage on the go, then marksman and also a few points in ranger and assassin may be the build for you personally. Should you prefer close up and personal styles focusing on melee damage then Blade Dancer along with Riftstalker and Assassin are a good choice.

What is the best rift rogue build for PVP?

The very best rogue builds for player vs. player combat would need to be Assassin combined with Riftstalker as stated before. This class has excellent burst damage and stealth along with excellent defensive capabilities from the Riftstalker soul.

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