Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rift Rogue Build Guide - Perfect Rogue Builds For Solo Or Group Play

Are you playing as a Rogue in Rift and want to learn how to properly combines your souls to create the perfect build for any situation?

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Well, there are a total of eight different souls for the Rogue and you can always equip three souls at one time. Depending on your combination of souls, you can change the build of your character enabling you to tackle any situation.

Assassin Soul - This soul has the ability to walk in the shadows, which allow you to stealthy navigate your way through mobs without being detected. The Assassin soul is ideal for solo questing or leveling because you can pick off opponents one at a time.

Bard Soul - The Bard soul has the ability to cast buffs, heal parties and reduce the damage given by your enemy. If you want to play a supporting role in your party, equipping the Bard soul is a good idea.

Blade Dancer Soul - This soul is known for their burst damage. Blade Dancer's can inflict a lot of damage in a short period of time. However, the skills to inflict burst damage have a long cold time.

Marksman Soul - This soul can deal the most damage among the Rogue classes. They specialize in ranged DPS and hit-run skills. This is an ideal PVP soul to use.

Ranger Soul - The Ranger soul allows you to summon a pet that can help inflict a lot of DPS on your enemies. Not only can they summon pets, Ranger's can also increase damage, critical strike, doge and hit points temporarily.

Riftstalker Soul - The Riftstalker is the tanking soul for the Rogues. This tanking soul is not as powerful as the Warrior's tanking abilities, however it is better than the Justicar soul of the Cleric class.

Saboteur Soul - The Saboteur soul is perfect if you want to CC targets. This soul is also very good if you want to PVP, however it is not ideal if you want to PVE or solo.

Now that you have a basic understand of what each soul does, we can further discuss the best combination of souls to help you tackle solo or group play.

If you want to solo, it is recommended to use the Blade Dancer soul as the main soul. Then select the Bard and Ranger as the combinations. The reason for this is because this combination allows you to inflict a lot of damage, while giving you the ability to tank. By using the Bard and Ranger souls, you will also be able to continually cast healing spells and summon a pet to fight with you.

When you don't want to solo and want to party up with a couple other people, you will want to choose either the tank or DPS route. To become a tank, use Riftstalker as your main soul and choose the Assassin and Blade Dancer as the off-souls. These off-souls are vital because the Assassin lets you poison your enemies, while Blade Dancer increases your chance of dodge.

If you want to opt for the DPS route, choose the Blade Dancer as your main soul and use the Bard and Assassin as your off souls. The Bard soul can continuously buff your character to allow you to inflict more damage to your enemies.

Knowing exactly what build to use in different scenarios separates the novice Rift players from the pros. So how do you know which combination is the best to use in different situations?

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