Monday, June 20, 2011

Rift Rogue Gameplay

In this Rift Rogue overview, I will be revealing the mechanics behind the Rogue class as well as the overall playstyle you can expect when playing a Rogue.

By the end of this article, you should have a good idea of how the Rogue calling works and if it is one you want to play in Rift.

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The Rogue’s Role in Rift

Rogues have 8 different main souls to play with, each one with different talents and abilities:

•Assassin – melee DPS
•Bard – hybrid; deals damage, heals and buffs
•Blade Dancer – melee DPS with damage mitigation talents
•Marksman – ranged DPS and kiting specialist
•Nightblade – melee DPS which deals magic (fire) damage
•Ranger – ranged DPS with pets
•Riftstalker – tanking off-spec
•Saboteur – uses bombs as weapons; support/PvP class
As you can see, Rogues have a variety of roles they can fill. Most Rogues are geared for damage-dealing but you can also be a support class (Bard is one of the best souls in game) and even tank!

Note that currently PvP souls are still under development and I am sure more will be added with time, so that is something to keep in mind as well.


The Rogue is powered by two things: energy and combo points. This works exactly like it does for Rogues in World of Warcraft

If you are not familiar, Rogues start with a full energy bar (of 100 total energy points) which regenerates at a rate of 10 energy per second. The majority of Rogue abilities are powered by energy.

Each time you use an ability, you earn 1 or 2 combo points. Combo points can then be used to execute powerful “finishers”, which increase in power the more combo points you have. You can hold up to 5 combo points on a single target.

Combo points will hold on a target if you change targets, but they will not transfer targets. In other words you can not built up a full set of combo points on one target and then tab to another target to use your finisher (unless you have that talent).


The great thing about Rift is that every calling is good at some (or multiple) things. The Rogue is no exception; Rift Rogue gameplay can very quite differently on a soul-by-soul basis.

With that said, the two things that stand out about the Rogue are its ranged DPS, support, and soloing capabilities. The Marksman soul deals some amazing DPS (from ranged no less). The Bard just might be the best support class in game (perhaps second to the Chloromancer); it deals great damage and has group heals and buffs.

However, these classes shine when combined; the Bard can generate combo points quickly and heal the group with Cadence and then spend the combo points on a Marksmen finisher. This deals great DPS yet still provides solid group healing – excellent for group and solo play.


From what I have seen at early levels, I think the primary weakness of this class is actually when it comes to raw melee DPS. The melee Rogue abilities are all support-related and none are for 100% raw damage. This makes Paragon (Warrior) the #1 melee damage class.

The support abilities of the Rogue make it a much more viable in PvP as a melee class rather than PvE.

Rogue Overview Conclusion

If you want to deal great ranged damage, have excellent support capabilities, and have the option to tank, then the Rogue would be a great choice to pick!

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