Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rift Rogue Builds Guide

The Rift Rogue Builds Guide features several soul combinations that you can use in the game. In Rift you choose up to three souls that will be the base of your character's abilities. In case you didn't know, one soul will be the main class while the two remaining souls are the sub-classes. The sub-souls are chosen for their starter abilities.

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This Rift Rogue Builds Guide will discuss the soul combinations that you should use depending on your gameplay. The Rogue is mainly a DPS class but you can use the Riftstalker soul to be a tank. There are Rogue builds for melee and ranged DPS.

The ranged Rogue souls are Ranger and Marksman. For the melee Rogue souls you have Saboteur, Night Blade, Assassin, and Blade Dancer. The Bard soul is a support soul that can heal and apply buffs. The downside is that the Bard can't be the main healer of a group.

Rift Rogue Builds guide for solo game play states that you should use the Blade Dancer as the main soul. For off-souls select Bard and Ranger. This combination gives you a lot of survivability and damage. The Ranger soul lets you summon a pet. Bard soul lets you cast a 30 second heal over time spell. Solo grinding will be a lot easier as long as you refresh this every 30 seconds of combat.

Rift Rogue Build for group play lets you be the tank of the group or one of the DPS. If you want to be the tank, then use the Riftstalker soul as the main one. For off-souls, pick Assassin for the poison buff and Blade Dancer for the dodge buff. If you have extra points, place them into Blade Dancer to have added dodge.

Rift Rogue Builds guide for DPS in a group can use the build for solo play. Go for the Blade Dancer as the main soul but instead of the Bard soul as one of the off-souls, take Assassin. You can still use the Bard soul if you want to do some group healing on the side. The difference between the solo and group is that in group play you want to have more DPS oriented talents instead of placing the points on damage reduction.

Another possible main soul for group play is the Assassin. It gives you enough DPS if you don't want to be a Blade Dancer. These are just some of the Rift Rogue Builds you can use as one of the DPS the group.

One of the builds you can use while in a group is being the off-healer. For this build you need to choose Bard as your main soul. Get all the talents that can help with healing and buffing. Take the Ranger and Saboteur as off-souls for this build. This build is not good enough to be the main healer of the group and is one of the trash builds.

These are the different Rift Rogue Builds that can help you play your Rogue better. If you need more information about the topic, then go to this site.

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